On worlds me andre, katna, here from west palm beach florida, so i want to go over exactly the process when it comes to uh joining easy bike, all right, i’m here at starbucks right now, so i just wanted to make a real, quick video and show you A video that walks you through step by step on how to participate in easy buy. So let’s go ahead and watch this video. As you see on the screen. Uh mr membership says membership setup tutorial.

Seven minutes i’ma also leave a link to this tutorial. Um click. The link in the description box below it’ll take you to the same exact video if you want to watch it on the website, but i’m gon na also um make a video watching this exact video with you guys. So let’s go ahead and play this video and watch this video, so you understand the process of getting started with easybot.

Let’s do it hello and welcome to this short tutorial. Easybot is now open for vip memberships. So two things about why it’s so beneficial for you to have a vip membership.

Vip membership allows you to share in the 5 monthly pool of the entire company profits month after month for the life of the company. Now, in order to do this, you’ll need to meet some very simple requirements so for founders club members, the first 1000 members to complete the following are going to achieve the five percent monthly pool. So first you’ll personally want to subscribe to a vip membership which is 995 annually trading with at least six hundred dollars in minimum. You will sponsor three advanced, which is 250 annually or vip subscribers, and they need to be trading at least 600 minimum and help each of those three sponsor three advanced or three vip subscribers trading with at least six hundred dollars minimum – and this is the powerpoint slide With those qualifications as well, it’s simply you your three members either being advanced or vip, and each of your three have three members who are either advanced or vip and have six hundred dollars in trade.

That’s it twelve people to share in an amazing five percent monthly bonus pool for the lifetime of the company profits and the first 1000 people to do that are qualified. You do not want to miss out on this, and the second reason why a vip membership is so beneficial, for you is that it will trade up to 21 coin pairs on your behalf as well as you can position them across five exchanges. Now, when you’re ready to make your easy bot vip subscription purchase, you can do this from any wallet where you are holding usdt trc20 will want to have your wallet funded with usdt trc20.

So let’s go ahead and do that now. So now i’m going to make my purchase for my easybot vip subscription so from the dashboard. You will see this little welcome to easy bot, notification, popup and you’ll go ahead and click on add funds then be brought to this page. Where there are two things you need to know before adding funds for the vip subscription, it is 995 dollars.

But, as you can see here, there is a service fee. So you want to make sure that you add additional for the service fee as well as you’re. Going to need funds available in your ssf wallet, that is, the software service fee balance and, if you’re not familiar with the ssf software service fee.

This is the balance that easybot will use for the trading fees. So, each time the bot makes a trade for you. As a vip or advanced member, the bot makes you 80 and 20 is paid as a service fee, which will come from your ssf wallet balance.

A good benchmark for this is to add at least five percent of the balance that you plan on trading. So, for instance, if you are planning on starting with six hundred dollars in trade times five percent, that is thirty dollars that you will want to keep funded in your ssf software service balance when making your deposit right now keep all of this in mind. You will have the 995 for the vip membership, plus whatever the service fee is for the cryptocurrency fees, plus five percent in your ssf wallet for trading. So for me, i’m going to come in with a 995 vip membership membership subscription and i’m going to add just an additional hundred dollars in my ssf wallet.

So that total would be one thousand ninety five dollars and i’m going to make it an even eleven hundred dollars. So i make sure i cover everything so coming back to this page, i’m going to change this number to 1100 and it changes the amount in service fee that i would need to send and that’s fine with me. I’M going to make sure i cover everything. So i’m going to send the entire 117 and 51 cents keep this box here, checked that you agree with the terms and conditions and you’ll click on add now you’re going to send the usdt trc 20 from your wallet of choice.

If you are using a mobile wallet, you can use the qr code just code to scan or you can copy right here. I’M going to open up my cryptocurrency wallet from my desktop, i’m going to make sure that i am in my tron network. So i am sending usdt trc20 do not confuse that with erc20 within the next 48 hours.

You will also be able to send usdc and usdt erc20 in order to deposit, but right now, if you’re doing this today and today is march 23rd, you can only fund your vip membership with usdt trc20, which is the tron network. So i’m going to click on send and then i’m going to paste the amount in here that i want to send and i’m going to go, get the address. I will copy the address to my clipboard.

Come back to my wallet paste, it make sure the address is correct and then i will click on send. When i come back to easybot, i will click the button that says i did the payment and it will say your transfer is in the process of approval and can take up to 10 to 15 minutes for your transfer to be completed and right here you can See the status is pending, so let’s wait for 15 minutes and come back to this, i’m going to refresh this page and see if the deposit has arrived and it has okay. Here we go that did not even take 10 minutes, so let’s complete the process. So now, on the left hand corner where you see these two lines: you’ll click there and then go ahead to upgrade subscription – and here you can see – is your vip 995 package and once again the 250 advanced packages will be available within the next 48 hours.

But if you’re planning on doing vip go ahead and click on upgrade confirm by clicking ok and you’ll get the notification. Thank you. You have successfully upgraded your account start trading now, so i believe this would just be automatically deducted from our wallet.

Let’s click on go to dashboard and it will bring you then to this new page that we have not seen okay. So now i’m gon na click on those three lines at the top in the menu click on my wallet and you can see it was deducted automatically from your wallet balance and that’s it. You have successfully purchased an easybot vip membership subscription.

This is all you will need to do right now, until trading begins have a great day and go upgrade now all right. So that’s the process guys, it’s really simple. She explained it well.

I could have probably made a video of my own and explain it uh. This is the same process, but she explained it so well, so just wanted to record this video uh and play this video for you guys, so you can understand exactly how to participate he’s about. So with that being said, if this was helpful, let me know in the comment section if you haven’t joined my team yet um.

Remember i’m giving away um five of my different trading bots as a bonus all right, the five trader bots that i’m giving you guys are trading box. That’s gon na trade, for you automatically in the forex market, uh trading for you handsfree! So that’s those that’s one of my bonuses that i’m giving away and i’m also gon na another bonus that i’m giving away is i’m gon na be allowing you guys to give away the same five trading flights, i’m giving you to other people to help build your Team and easy fight, if you choose to build and um, also i’m going to give you a website, that’s going to help. You explain: um easy bot to people all right so make sure you check out some of my previous videos, so you’ll understand uh.

All of my uh all of my uh bonuses, and if you click the link in the description box below um it’ll, take you over to my bonus page um. That way, you can like learn more about all the bonuses that i’ve given away. Okay, so with that being said, um join my team here in egypt and you’ll get all of my bonuses and not only that go ahead and fund. Your account come in.

I highly highly highly recommend that you come in as a vip member, because vip member is going to put you position yourself. Put you in a position to make the most money um out of this opportunity, all right. So with that being said, i’m andre cannot hear from west palm beach florida i’ll see you guys on amazon.

Take care.

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